Indian Management Case Studies
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Indian Management case studies

Indian Management case studies

Management case studies
Due to shortage of credible Indian management case studies, we are involved in developing management case studies on Indian companies and multinationals that are doing business in India. These management case studies are focused on a variety of management subjects and industries such as marketing, sales, distribution, customer satisfaction and retention, strategy, core competence, positioning and International marketing while industries include auto, coffee shops, airlines, Oil and petrochemicals. Our Indian management case studies are excellent teaching tools which can be used by management professors, teachers as well as corporate and management trainers.

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Barista case study

In March-April 2003, the top management of Barista operating in the Coffee Café Industry in India was under a lot of pressure from different directions. The case deals with the some of the pulls and pressures that are being exerted on the management.


Matiz case study

Whether General Motors should relaunch the Matiz car in India.


Reliance case study

Core competence is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Even journalists at Economic Times, a leading business paper in India, have not understood the concept. Reliance is one of the best examples from which one can understand what core competence is.


Paramount Airlines case study

What lessons can we learn from Paramount Airlines which remained a pillar of strength even during the adverse conditions faced by the Indian aviation industry because of the financial meltdown and the high oil prices?


Airtel case study

This case study is based on the actual negative experience that Avinash Narula had with Airtelís customer service organization. This experience highlights the lack of understanding of the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as how to use the CRM technology to make the customerís experience a positive one.

Kellogg's case study

Our case study takes you through how and when the Kellogg’s Company came into existence, the heat it faced from the Indian players, its trials and tribulations in trying to establish its brand in the Indian cereal industry.
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