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Management Training

We are a management resource company established with the objective of  making management concepts simple and easy to understand as well as implement for business executives and students. It will provide management and motivational seminars, training, reminder tools, products and services to enhance the understanding of management  concepts as well as motivate business executives.

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Training & Seminars

Keeping abreast with the current management thinking

There was a time when a degree or diploma was considered sufficient for success. But things have changed and are continuing to change fast because of globalization and fast changing technology. Now the changed business environment requires us to stay current with the latest in management theory and practice. Also, there is a need to continuously enhance one’s knowledge and skills. Further, because of our hectic daily schedule, we tend to forget the management concepts that we had learnt. It is because of the above that Continuing Management Education through effective training has become critical for professional management executives and entrepreneurs to enable them to achieve success in their business and professional carreer.

Management Talk steps in here by offering a wide range of management training seminars and training so that professional executives and entrepreneurs can keep themselves abreast with the latest management thinking and concepts.

We believe that we have adopted a unique method of conducting training programs and seminars which involves a highly interactive delivery style, judicious mix of theory and practice and use of real life examples. We feel that our unique method of conducting training is the best way to impart knowledge and ideas to the participants of our trainings and seminars so that they can make the right decisions in the real business world. We, at Management Talk, invite all of you to experience the power and magic of our management training programs and interesting seminars.

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Motivational Speaker / Keynote Address

So if you are searching for a motivational, inspirational or a keynote speaker for your upcoming event (Employee, sales or dealer conference) your search ends here. One of India’s most admired and respected motivational and keynote speakers, Avinash Narula, is passionate about the topics he speaks on. He speaks from his heart and at the same time judiciously blends theory, his experience, his analytical thoughts, real life examples and practice turning his talk into a memorable moment for his audience. He has the ability to turn the topic of his talk into a inspiring, entertaining and interesting experience.

Avinash Narula’s style involves engaging his audience. His strength lies in using real life examples and experiences from his personal and professional life. He also customizes the content of his presentation to make it relevant to his audience. His objective is to make the participants of his seminars feel that he is just like them and also one of them. Another unusual characteristic of his presentation is that he likes to shake up the audience by making a dramatic statement in order to get their  attention. A reason why the audience loves him is that he involves them in his talk. What more. What ignites his talk is his passion in the topic combined with his insight and knowledge of the subject and the interesting examples and stories that he injects time and again to bring excitement in the delivery of his speech. He not enthralls the audience but also captures their attention.  He will hold you spellbound as well as force you to reflect, think and laugh while at the same time ensuring that you get the message.

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Management Trainer Avinash Narula - Management Guru & Customer Mathematician
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Management Articles & Magazines

Lets learn from each other

Avinash Narula, a keen writer on various topics of management, has till date written six books on the topics of customer satisfaction and retention, CRM, Advertising, communication and how to make presentations. Also, he has also developed a number of Indian management case studies. He has also written a large number of articles on management which you can read on his websites and management blog. Here he intends to share his thoughts and ideas regularly on a variety of management topics as well as comment on the actions of companies.

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    Management Books, posters, case studies and reminder tools

Avinash Narula has written 6 books and a number of case studies on different topics of business management. In addition, he has developed posters, coffee mugs, pen/pencil stands and other reminder tools based on his innovative concepts on various management topics. The same are available for sale on this website.

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    MBA - BBA Students - Resources

We provide a wide range of resources for MBA, BBA and other management students which assist them to understand management concepts better and also enhance their management capabilities and skills. We provide online training program, books, management reminder tolls and a wide range of management articles on a variety of management topics.

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Management Books
Management books

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Institutionalize customer retention
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Management Reminder Tools

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Training philosophyand examples to which the participants
Dotcan relate to.
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